scallops - 21

pan seared scallop, smoked pork 

belly, powdered corn vin, romesco sauce, cipollini onion

oysters  - half/ 19 full/ 37

poached kusshi oysters with xo

trout - 21

charred scallion vin, pickled potatoes, and ramps with green pea shoots

halibut - 42

pan roasted, seaweed fermented potatoes, samphier, potato espuma, ‘ndjua crumb, nasturtium


striploin - 44

horseradish tater tot, cauliflower 

puree, pickled ramps, charred asparagus, shallot petal brown butter crumb

chicken - 28

crispy chicken ballotine, black olive puree, zucchini confit, gnocchi 

parisienne, and parm sable

beef cheek - 35

confit beef cheek, roasted corn, wild mushroom, corn tamale, Oaxacan mole, wildflowers

charred cauliflower - 16

roasted cauliflower, eggplant puree, pickled cucumber, dukkha, and crispy chicken skin


sourdough - 7

brown butter, maldon salt

artisanal greens  - 14

pickled carrots, sherry vin, shallots, chives, puffed quinoa

 yellow dhal - 14

lentil soup, onion ahlo pakora, cucumber mint raita, and charred buttermilk

roasted courgettes - 16

paddypan squash, zucchini, 

crookneck squash, chimichurri, 

pickled red onion, manchego cheese, and egg yolk

gnocchi - 18

potato gnocchi, ramp leaves, 

pancetta, potato crumb and pickled asparagus

green pea and carrots - 21

green pea agnolotti, smoked carrots, fresh english peas, tarragon,  pea tendrils, and shaved parmesan